COVID19 UPDATE: We are still open and accepting orders, but orders are slowed due to shut downs

Terms & Conditions

All sales are final! We do not do refunds, however store credit or exchange may be warranted after consideration of owners. Due to the nature of the product, custom work, and parts, there are absolutely ZERO returns for protective gear or harnesses or any other sewn item. All sales are final. You have 10 business days to return ANY original product to receive store credit. Any complaints after 10 days will not be backed or guaranteed. 
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. 
You agree to allow 10 business days starting the day after the order is placed  to fill the order if it is NOT a sewn item. Harnesses, especially custom and Protective gear may take longer and you agree to the time posted next to the product description on the website. If you order when there is a disclaimer on the website saying orders are stalled, you agree to wait as long as it takes. HARNESSES can go beyond 6-8weeks during Pandemic, states of emergency, or personal reasons as we are a small home business. Your order will still be filled.  If any item is returned or order is canceled there is a 20% restocking fee. Everything is hand made and not everything is immediately available. 
While we strive to be consistent, due to availability of materials, certain items may slightly vary, but remain very similar. 
Always use supervision when using any product
We do not guarantee any items that are not used for the intended purpose, appropriate species, or if the item has been altered in any way, shape or form. 
If an item is returned for exchange, the buyer is responsible for shipping costs. 
NO store credit received without returning previous merchandise. Must be returned within 14 business days in order to receive store credit or return the item you are unhappy with. Any complaints past 10 business days will not be acknowledged. 

Harnesses and Protective gear are non refundable. They can take up to 4-6 weeks. If the time goes over we will work with you. We have a high volume and one person sewing. There are no refunds regardless. We are a small family business and life happens. 
You certify that you are not purchasing anything from this website to duplicate for personal financial gain, or to resale unless you are an authorized dealer of Bird Preferred LLC. You accept and allow legal action to be taken if you purchase our items for the sake of creating your own for sale. 
Bird Preferred LLC will not be held liable for any injury or death of any animal and the buyer/customer is fully responsible for the safety and health of their own pet. This can be avoided by choosing items appropriate for your bird,  always supervising and consulting an avian veterinarian before changing diet, or using protective gear. 
A veterinarian recommendation may be asked for when purchasing protective gear to help with mutilation, plucking or after care from medical procedures. 
Buyer of any vest, harness, or protective gear agrees to read all safety information and follow it closely.  

Shipping costs are an approximate cost. If the cost is slightly higher than what the customer pays we will cover it. If shipping cost is a significant amount higher than $10 over the original shipping estimate, the customer is liable to cover the cost. Shipping large play gyms cannot always be accurately gauged by our shipping calculator. If you choose standard shipping as a method, it doesn't not include a tracking number. And extra $2 is required for tracking. 
Terms of shipping are subject to change for larger orders. We will make our utmost effort to make shipping as efficient and affordable as possible. Orders may be shipped in multiple packages to save the customer money. 
You are responsible for providing correct address for your order to be shipped to. We are not responsible for orders not received due to incorrect address. We only print out a label from an outside company, so please have the correct address given. 

We recommend insurance on all orders, for safe shipping. The entity that is shipping is liable for damages, and cost of product during shipping. Bird Preferred LLC is not liable for damage during shipping. 

Shipping outside the US:  Please check with customs in your country before ordering items to make sure they will be able to pass inspection and get to you. Bird Preferred is NOT responsible for any confiscated or damaged items due to international shipping. Food items may be affected due to the fact we do not use preservatives. Bird Preferred will not be responsible for any fees your country charges you in customs to get your package. 

Bird Preferred LLC is NOT responsible for damage during shipping, or shipment delays by any shipping company. That is a separate matter and needs to be addressed with the company used to ship your order. 

 We do not operate on Saturdays or Sundays but accept orders. Custom orders may take longer, but a staff member will be in close contact with you.  We do not count weekends as order days. Sewn items such as harnesses and gear take 4-8 weeks or more depending. 

Food:  Food is made a few times a week to ensure freshness and potency. We only make food a few times a week. When you order our food, there is a chance that shipping is not immediate. We will however fill the order in as least time possible.