COVID19 UPDATE: We are still open and accepting orders, but orders are slowed due to shut downs
  • Bird Preferred Harness and Leash (custom order&solids)

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    Please initial Order will be cancelled if you don't.

    COVID 19 update. We are still accepting orders but they are taking longer than 2-4 weeks due to our slowed access to supplies. Please be patient. Thank you. 

    READ COMPLETELY before ordering. Not initialing where asked, could result in a cancelled order. 

    This easy to use harness can come in just about any color or style! We offer a wide variety of fabric prints to meet your bird's personality and your taste! This harness fastens in the back and the leash attaches in the back as well. Not recommended for harness flying or tethering. If you don't want a standard color, simply place your order here and call us at (480)242-6557 so we can customize your order. If you place an order and ask for things that are not actual options, there are no refunds.  If you have a macaw that is difficult to fit for a harness, we are happy to take measurements to ensure a good fit, free of charge. We now offer monogrammed harnesses for an extra $5! 

    FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS IN ORDER FORM! Enter species, color or custom, wether or not you want a monogram

    SIZE: We do anything from Hyacinth and the smallest size would be a Parakeet/Budgie. No finches, canaries or tiny song birds.

    NOTE:  Before requesting printed fabric, please contact us to see if it is available. If you do not click CUSTOM as your color option, you will not recieve print. 

    NOTE: harnesses and custom items have a wait of about 2-6 weeks give or take. Placing your order secures your spot. We will go in order of who ordered first. Please keep in mind we are closed weekends and holidays. 

    Smallest size parakeet/Parrotlet

    Harnesses are often made to order and are made in the order in which they were paid for. Please allow a few days to process the order. 

    Please be aware beforehand, due to the size of our company, and the nature of the product, we do NOT do refunds. We do however do remakes, alterations, credit etc if there is in issue. In order to do so, we need you to send photos via email with the harness on the bird so we can troubleshoot the issue.